Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Stupid Cross-Country Course

Today's work-out was hard.  It sucked and was yucky and was not much fun.  

I essentially live on the training course for the Oklahoma State University Cross Country team.  An NCAA Division 1 National Champion (although not currently) cross country team.  They train here.  On this XC course.  Across the street from my house.  Last weekend was the Cowboy Jamboree, the longest continuously held XC races (78 years!!).  Lots of college runners, high school runners, junior high runners, and middle school runners.  Kids were dreading it because they know there are no PRs on this course.  I saw a kid break her ankle.  It had hills and ravines.  It's a hard flippin course.  

And that's what I decided to run tonight.


It was supposed to be 4 "easy" miles plus strides  At this point in my training, there is no such thing as "4 easy miles", but I tried not to push too hard.  But then I hit the hills.  I stopped.  Stopped running.  Stopped walking.  Stopped continuous forward motion.  For the first time since I started training, I stopped moving.  Between the 4 miles and the strides I sat down.  I. Sat. Down.  I haven't stopped moving in two weeks and I sat down!!!!

However.  I finished the entire work-out.  All of it.  Slowly.  Sluggishly.  But finished.  I finished my Master's Degree because my father, who almost has an MBA, told me, "don't let the bastards win".  Today the bastards were the clock and the GPS and the pile of laundry to do and the cozy bed.  But I didn't let the bastards win.  

I win.  

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