Friday, October 10, 2014

"Supportive" Comments From Third Grade

My 8-year old daughter has her father's grasshopper legs.  She runs like a gazelle and is a very sweet girl. Usually.

I got a new running skirt last week.  

"Mom! That's a really cute new running skirt! You look really good.  Except (in a matter of fact voice) your chubby legs". 


And yes, I was very amused, and not at all insulted.  I mention her (and her brother's grasshopper legs) all the time.  I DO have chubby legs (sorry about those genes, Daughter #2).   Although, I'm not sure where she learned the word "chubby".  I'm thrilled to say I didn't think it was a word she had ever heard.  

Today after my run: "mom, did you have fun running? Are your legs thinner?"

Yes, dear.  Yes, they are.  

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