Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Until I find a running app that will automatically upload my training, I'll just have to update you the old-fashioned way (if by "old-fashioned" you mean, the 2005 way). 

September 21, 2014- Started running.  4 miles to Boomer Lake and back home

September 22, 2014- Run with the family on the XC course.  Yes, they are all faster than me.  1.8 miles

September 25, 2014- Hotel treadmill.  1.5 miles

September 26, 2014- Belly dance day! 1:15ish.  Because running is  more fun with shimmies thrown in.

September 28, 2014- 4.90 miles on the XC course.  Well.  That was humbling. 

Today should have been a cross-train day, but it was a Hang Out with My Dad and Stepmother Day. Everybody needed that.  Twirling demo by the munchkin, 2 games of Life, Dad's goatee (f'real, it's the cutest thing ever.  Don't know who did it, but Kevin the home health care worker denied involvement), and seeing the brother and his girlfriend were worth the 30 minute work-out skip.

That's a total of 12.2 miles in about a week and a half.  Now if I can only squish that down from 10 days to 2 hours. 

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