Monday, October 27, 2014


I have some nerve issues.  

Every few months my left leg goes numb, sometimes my whole pelvis goes numb.

I go to the chiropractor.  They move something in my hips that is more painful than childbirth (not even exaggerating, I gave birth with an epidural and a C-section, the way nature intended), and after several days (and maybe a couple of adjustments) everything is all better.  Well, I have to relearn how to belly dance on my left hip, but I'm getting used to it.  

I've been to my primary care doctor.  Nothing major except a B12 (makes zero sense) and iron deficiency (duh.  I'm a dietitian, I could tell you that from looking at me.  Those symptoms haven't changed since I was about 12). 

I've been to the neurologist ("yay, it's only the sensory nerves, not the motor nerves", which means my legs will move where I want them, I just can't feel it).

Three weeks ago my left leg went numb.  Made appointments with the chiropractor.  Got a B12 shot.  Now my leg isn't numb, so much as my entire lower half waffles between completely numb and pins and needles ("sparking", as my daughter calls it).

Numb legs are absolutely no problem when running.  I have to be a little careful to make sure I don't trip on leaves and twigs. F'real.  8 miles was totally doable.

Running on the day Sarah at the chiropractor adjusts me?  Absolutely not happening.  Don't remember what my run on the 22nd was supposed to be, but it was a walk with lots of shooting pain.  

On a related note, dancing with numb feet is very, very strange.  A tenet of dance is, "don't worry, the floor will be there when you land".  Yeah, I can't feel the floor, or feel myself land.  If I'm landing funny, I can't tell, and therefore, cannot correct myself.  It's a little terrifying every time my feet leave the floor.  

And then, the sparking started.  Imagine your foot fell asleep and you stand up to get more popcorn and you get annoying pins and needles in your foot all the way to the kitchen.  Now imagine those pins and needles are from your toes to mid-thigh on both legs.  And now you have to run 5 miles.  It hurt. Not shooting pain, but pretty sucktacular.   So I walked.  Not even trying to go fast, just wanted to get the miles done.  And I did.  Go me.  

Today I went to dance and was supposed to a nice easy 3 miles after.  I was not happy with my relationship with gravity at dance.  And then I fell down my stairs because I couldn't feel myself missing the step.  Really, I slid down the stairs with my hands on both handrails, because that's how I roll now.  Or don't roll.  Whatevs.  Anyway I skipped the run and THAT is the most sucktacular part.  

Oh well, it will either get better and go away, or it won't, and I'll learn to train with it.  Either way, it's going to be fine. 

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