Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ten Things Harder Than Making a Donation to LLS

Making a donation to Team in Training and The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is incredibly easy.  Here's the link:

Here are 10 things that are harder.

1. Leukemia.

2. Hearing your child has leukemia.

3. Watching a sweet girl battle leukemia.  Check out Ainsley Jane's Allies on Facebook.  Also Fight Like A Princess.  I don't know Princess Rheann, but I've met Ainsley and her family. 

4. Watching Ainsley's family battle leukemia with her.

5. Climbing a tree.   I met Ainsley a few weeks ago.  She was having a great day, and she played and climbed in a tree.  Totally easy for her.  Still harder than making a donation at

6. Watching a friend's brother die from a blood cancer.

7. Cancer in general. Research funded by The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has led to improvements in treatments for other cancers, not just blood cancers.  You may not be personally affected by leukemia or lymphoma, but you are affected by cancer.

8. Being a cancer co-"survivor".  What's the word for when one survives, but the cancer patient doesn't?  Yeah, whatever it's called, it sucks.

9. Couch to 13.1 miles training in four months.   There is no wiggle room.  No room for "I'm tired",  "it's cold", "I'm busy"...  I have time to run, fundraise, go to work, and sometimes my family gets some attention, but not much.  There is no such thing as a "quick run", they are all long, and time-consuming.  Sometimes the runs are physically, emotionally or mentally difficult, but they are always a time suck.  You know what's quick and easy?

10.  Breathing, eating, sleeping, sitting, blinking....

And 11, because I am physically incapable of being serious. Fighting a squad of Storm Troopers with lousy aim.

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  1. It is so difficult and it impacts so many people. My 1st cousin died of Leukemia at 15 months old, and it was always there growing up. Later, my grandmother died of Leukemia.