Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Han Solo Crayons

You can't tell me these aren't the coolest things you've ever seen.  How do you get them?  Glad you asked. 
1) Go visit my teammate Kristen's fundraising page at  She made them and will either sell you some or tell you how to get them.
2) Make a donation to MY fundraising page at  Every dollar donated between now and 4:00 pm (central) on Friday, November 14th is a raffle ticket.  $1 = 1 ticket.  If you wait until Friday night, raffle tickets go up to $2 each.  Double your chances and get a raffle ticket now! 
If you donate $5 or more, you get 5 raffle tickets AND a donation letter for tax deductions.  Whoohoo.
Oh, and you help fight cancer.  There is that amazingly awesome perk too. 

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