Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Who wants to win stuff?!?!

Oh, here's the deal.  I have some really incredible things to raffle off at the Wine and Palette fundraiser on November 14.  If you're anywhere near Stillwater, Oklahoma, you should really join us.  We're going to paint this:

I am super excited.  I love Starry Night, but always thought the tree in the foreground is a little scary.  This one is warm and cozy.  Or cold and snowy, however you want to think about it.  Register here:  I'll even take some requests for snacks. 

Back to that raffle, some of our raffle prizes are AWESOME!  I have some very kind and generous donors (I'm looking at YOU Kristen McGuigan and Carrie Daigle!!). 

At the event raffle tickets will be $2 per ticket.  I can take cash, checks and credit cards!  (That whole credit card thing kinda changed my life.  It's awesome.)  If you buy at least $5, you'll get a donation receipt for your taxes. 

Buy as many tickets as you want, and YOU can pick which item your ticket goes to (so if you don't need a microwave potato bag made by my aunt, you can put all of your tickets in the Ewok coin purse bucket). 

Here's the cool thing, if you're far, far away (I'm sad) or if you have, you know "commitments" or "whatever", you can buy raffle tickets now.  For $1 each.  All you have to do is go to and make a donation between now, and 4:00 pm Central Time (aka Chicago Time) on November 14, 2014, and you'll get a raffle ticket for every dollar you donate.  THAT'S HALF PRICE!! Twice as many chances to win Han Solo. Just let me know which bucket gets your tickets. 

Yes, you can buy tickets now, even if you're coming to the party.
Yes, if you're far away, I will ship your prize.
Yes, every cent of every raffle ticket goes directly to Team in Training. 
Yes, if you would like to donate a prize to the raffle, I would be more than happy to include it. 
Yes, if you change your mind, or a prize you want more comes in, I would be happy to move your tickets to another bucket (if you let me know by 4pm)

So.  What are these fabulous raffle prizes?  I'm so glad you asked.  Please do not judge my photography skills or my lack of a real camera. 

First Up: Han Solo Crayons, made by my Team in Training teammate Kristen McGuigan.  I've never met her, she lives in Florida I think.  And she very kindly donated Han and the Ewok.  Feel free to check out Kristen's TNT fundraising page,  Kristen and her significant other, Greg are both on the Team and are doing the Rebel Challenge (that's 19.3 miles over the course of the weekend!) Go give the girl some love!
Crayons, y'all

You could color your Star Wars coloring book with Han.

Serves him right for "I know"
Also donated and made by Kristen, Ewok Coin Purse.  It is the cutest thing ever.  Seriously.  You know when the Ewok waddles up and sits with Leia?  It's that cute.  It's about the size of my hand. 
Warwick Davis not included

So I have this sister-in-law who makes me scarves on demand.  F'reals.  I am a scarf junkie and she is my dealer.  "Hey Carrie, would you donate a scarf to my TNT fundraising?"  She popped that baby out while just hanging at my parents one night.  She's pretty impressive. 

Purples and blues with fluffy bits

Sweet little girl not included.
It fits me perfectly, but apparently, if you have an average-sized first grader, it would work for her too. 

While Carrie was in the middle of knitting a scarf for you, she says, "Do you want a quilt too?"  Are you kidding?  She makes the best quilts.  And she has donated one for TNT!!!

Black white and red.  This cute little girl, also not included.
Front. Its gorgeous.

The back is black and white.
The quilt is about 54.5" x  57", shorter than me, but taller than my 3rd grader.  This evening while Dad was in his chair we wrapped one around him quite nicely. 

If you need more details about anything, please let me know. 

At the event we should have some other prizes such as art and gift certificates from Wine and Palette, and some jewelry, if I can part with it.

"Le me esplain.  No, there is too much.  Le me sum up"

For every $1 donated at you get a raffle ticket.  You can also purchase raffle tickets at the Wine and Palette party on November 14 (they'll be $2 a ticket at the party). 

What's that link again?

Oh yeah,

If you ever forget, just google Team in Training, and under "donate" search for me.  Super easy.  Which is why I haven't memorized my direct page. 

Go.  Donate.  Fight cancer.  Win some cool stuff in the process. 

Love and kisses. 


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