Wednesday, November 5, 2014

You Can Be an Ainsley Ally!

If you're in Stillwater, you may know of Ainsley Peters.  She is a sweet little girl who is battling Leukemia. 

If you are not in Stillwater, you may know of Ainsley Peters, who was in a viral photo of three little girls all dressed up, hugging each other.  And oh, they happened to be bald.  Ainsley did some national tv related to that photo.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a link to an article in the Daily Mail:   I could have picked American media, but I like that they made international news. 

It seems completely ridiculous to me that I'm raising money for TNT and LLS which benefits Ainsley, but not directly.  I need to do something that affects a child and a family I have met.   Ainsley's mom gave me the ok to collect money for Ainsley and her family at the Wine and Palette event.

On November 14th, I'm going to have a piggy bank for Ainsley, and you can put whatever cash or coins or love and pixie dust into the piggy bank.  I'm just going to take the whole thing and hand it to the Peters. 

THIS IS IMPORTANT: At the event I can take checks and credit cards for Team in Training, but I can only do cash for Ainsley.  I know I don't usually carry much cash with me, so this is your heads up.  Stop by the ATM on November 14th and make whatever donation is right for you. 

If you want to learn more about Ainsley and her journey, follow Ainsley Jane's Allies on Facebook.  (BTW, the cover photo is currently Ainsley and her friends, and it may be the most beautiful picture I've ever seen)

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