Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I Can See The Finish Line

My fundraising deadline is in 24 hours.  One day left for you to make a difference in the life of a patient with a blood cancer.  Any little bit helps. Here's a breakdown:

$25 provides patients and their loved ones with booklets that contain up-to-date information on their disease and helps them make informed decisions about their treatment options

$50 makes possible a Family Support Group with a trained facilitator where comfort can be found and experiences can be shared among patients and family members

$100 provides one-on-one conversations with Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Information Specialists who help people with cancer navigate through treatment, financial and social challenges, and give accurate, up-to-date disease and treatment information

$300 can train 25 peer volunteers who can provide emotional and practical support to newly diagnosed patients through the First Connection program

$500 can help send 25 LLS advocates to champion policies that accelerate cures and improve access to health care for patients living with blood cancer

$1,000 helps provide laboratory researchers with materials necessary to perform experiments which are critical in their search for cures

$100,000 can fund one research through LLS's "New Idea Award" grant program designed to identify novel research strategies with high potential for high impact on the future of blood cancer treatments.

Lots of you donated $25-$100, what a difference it makes!  Lots of people donated less, including nearly $200 collected in spare change, it all adds up.  Together we've raised nearly $2,000, enough to support lab research.  Our team of 42 participants has raised $106,571.  Hopefully by this time tomorrow we will reach our team goal of $200,000. 

That is a lot of nickels and dimes and pennies and checks and credit card donations adding up to a huge, HUGE, impact on cancer research and treatment. 

If you're waiting to add your pennies to the pot, the time is now.  Here's the link: http://pages.teamintraining.org/vtnt/starwr15/knealf 

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