Friday, December 26, 2014

What's Going On These Days?

~On December 29th, we're having a fundraiser night at Orange Leaf Stillwater!  10% of sales from 6pm - 9pm will go to Team in Training.  Join us!!

~Need a tax write off?  Coincidentally, I need to raise money by December 31st.  You can donate here:

~My  sister-in-law donated a lovely scarf which I then forgot to take with me to the raffle event.  The next person who donates at least $10 through the websiste gets a bonus scarf!! (here's the link if you need it:

~The 46 people on my TNT Flex Team for the Star Wars Half have donated $98,010, and our fundraising deadline isn't until next week.  Go Team!  Check out my amazing teammates:  I just found this page and I love it!  It shows all of my teammates, with links to our individual teams.  Spoiler alert- they're all faster than me. 

~I think I've run 150 miles training.  Woohoo!  In September I didn't run at all.  Now I'm a "runner".  I'm so proud of me.

~While many of my Teammates are completing the Rebel Challenge (10K on Saturday, half marathon on Sunday), I'm just training to complete my race in the time limit.  13.1 miles?  No big thing.  13.1 miles in 3.5 hours? Bit of a problem.  Who cares?  If the slow bus picks me up, I'm still faster than everyone on the couch. 

This guy is available here:
The artist, Famous After Death has some super awesome, geeky stuff. 

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